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Florence MA in Renaissance Art

Career Possibilities

The unique qualities of this program—close contact with works of art and scholars, a collaborative atmosphere, advanced research on a focused topic, and an international setting—distinguish Syracuse graduates when they look for positions in an increasingly competitive academic and professional market. Upon completing the program, many graduates remain at Syracuse University in Florence to work as teaching assistants (for a maximum of four semesters). Selection for such positions is competitive and not guaranteed. Some obtain internships in local museums; others find positions soon after leaving the city at educational, professional, or arts organizations in Italy and in the U.S.

A high percentage of graduates have continued their education in Ph.D. programs. Alumni have gone on to study in the U.S. at prestigious institutions such as Brown University, Cornell University, Harvard University, The Institute of Fine Arts at New York University, The Johns Hopkins University, Rutgers University, Temple University, the University of Chicago, the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, the University of Texas at Austin, and Washington University. Other graduates have obtained their doctorates in Europe at institutions such as the European University Institute (Florence), the Courtauld Institute of Art (London), and Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

Our alumni have an excellent track record of going on to successful careers in higher education, museum work, marketing, publishing, the tourism industry, and architecture, among other professions.