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Laurinda Dixon Prize

The Laurinda Dixon Prize for the best graduate student symposium paper is awarded annually and carries a cash prize. The award is named for Laurinda S. Dixon, Professor Emerita of Art History at Syracuse University. Professor Dixon taught in the Department of Art and Music Histories for thirty-five years and served many of them as Director of Graduate Studies.

Laurinda Dixon

Professor Dixon is an innovative scholar whose work considers the intersection of early modern art and science, particularly alchemy, herbalism, medicine, astrology, and music. She is the author of many articles, book chapters, and ten books, including The Dark Side of Genius: The Melancholic Persona in Art, ca. 1500-1700 (2013), Bosch (2003), and Perilous Chastity: Women and Illness in Pre-Enlightenment Art and Medicine (1995). Professor Dixon continues to publish and lecture widely and has expanded her interest into the nineteenth century.

As a dedicated teacher, students at Syracuse University benefited from Professor Dixon's scholarly rigor and high expectations. She designed the Symposium Paper process for our master's program and believed deeply in engaging students through conversation and humor. Her teaching excellence was recognized when she was named "William P. Tolley Distinguished Teaching Professor" (2003 to 2005), the most prestigious teaching honor awarded by the university.


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